• Patrick Brischetto

My Blogging Debut

In the past, there has probably been more than one occasion where I have mocked bloggers or the very notion of running a blog; yet here I am; writing an article; in a blog; that I have created and plan to run. Hypocritical is certainly one word that comes to my mind at this point in time.

I’ll admit that I have been planning on doing this for a while and part of the reason I’ve waited until now (my complete lethargy and laziness aside) is that I am reluctant to class myself as a blogger with all the stereotypical connotations attached to the title. Yes, I know it is incredibly petty but I think this stems more so from the fact that I have certain goals in mind with this website that exceeds simply enforcing my world view upon the reader.

Since I was around 9 or 10 years old and my parents realised I had an aptitude to writing, I have been geared towards making a career as a journalist. Yet, as I’ve gotten older and as some may argue cynical I have become more disillusioned with the current nature of journalism, especially surrounding my area of interest, football. It seems that today the sheer quantity of stories now outweighs quality in terms of importance, or attempting to coerce a manager or player into saying something controversial to grab a headline.

Essentially, what I’m saying is that despite the fact I want to become involved in the world of journalism, I find it at times repulsive. Quite the conundrum don’t you think?

This is where my blog comes in. Away from the quantity over quality nature of modern journalism, I plan on putting my foot in the door with my own (hopefully) quality, insightful and, admittedly at times, cynical writing style. I am a believer in only writing on a topic you have knowledge on so I will inevitably have a focus on the football world; although I plan to occasionally branch out and write about wider issues that have caught my attention. You could say that these two topics are compatible with one another…

Horrible dad jokes, aside I want to develop a unique writing style that a few years down the track appeal to potential employers and also to improve as a writer, which means any constructive feedback or criticism on anything I write is welcome.

Now that I’ve officially cemented myself as a blogger, watch this space for what will hopefully be pieces of journalistic masterpieces at best; or at worst, another example of The Simpsons headline ‘Old man yells at cloud’.

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